The Aquarian Soul for Spiritual Growth and Breathwork. A One to One three day transformational experience.

A One to One three day transformational experience


Shaunah Latich Martin offers Integrated Healing to those who are interested in personal transformation, empowerment, deep relaxation, rejuvenation and mind and body mastery.

Shaunah Latich’s 3-day dynamic Integrated Healing Process brings together Soul Contract information - The Breath - Sacred Geometry - Earth Energies through special Soul Stones - Crystal Sound and Tachyon Energy. Thus enabling deep emotional blockages to be accessed and cleared, allowing transformation and rebirth to take place, and more of the soul to come into the physical, with the clearing of these blockages taking place on multi-dimensional levels.

Are you looking for Spiritual Healing? Are you looking to access the hidden aspects of who you truly are? It takes courage to live a unique and inspired life. It requires that you turn to your own inner truth, which is expressed through every breath.

Experience the full power of the breath as it takes you deep inside, to your core, to your Soul, your heart of hearts. If you really want to go into the deepest realities of life and to reach the highest states of consciousness, then you will have to awaken your breath and allow the rebirthing of your soul into the physical.

Shauna has developed a very dynamic three-day process using the breath plus powerful energies. Normal breath sessions are powerful but she has created her own process that will enable you to clear deep emotional blockages in three sessions.

We are all here to experience the Divine in the physical. This can only happen once all of the trapped trauma our bodies hold on to, is cleared and we finally connect to “All That Is” becoming “All That Is” becoming LOVE.

The work will take place in a relaxed, tranquil environment on the charming and picturesque Isle of Wight - an ideal Retreat, where one can reflect, relax and allow integration to take place, away from the normal distractions of everyday life.


Shaunah Latich Martin MCD(RT) is a member of the British Rebirth Society and has obtained her certification as a qualified Breath Practitioner through Artemis Foundation

Shaunah-Latich MCD(RT) is a member of the British Rebirth Society and has obtained her certification as a qualified Breath Practitioner through Artemis Foundation. She is also a Soul Contacts Practitioner, a Reiki Master, a Spiritual Healer and has a diploma in Stress Management from the Meridian College.

Email: for a brochure and details of one-to-one sessions and group work.

A list of recommended B&B accommodation is available on request.
Reduced car ferry costs also available.


Working with Shaunah gave me the shift I wanted. But the most precious aspect of the encounter was the experience of being seen in all my totality. She showed me more of my Soul and I felt loved and held in her presence.
Dorota Agata Godby (Bournemouth)
I highly recommend Shaunah Latich’s profound and dynamic healing to anyone who finds themselves blocked and unable to move forward. In the environment of trust, safety, love and respect, Shaunah enabled me to face and break through core survival issues that have held me back for years.
From stuckness to wholeness, a complete rebirth. I can’t thank you enough Shaunah.
Pamela Jackson (Brighton)